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Extracurricular Learning Activities for Kids

Explore our collection of year long home-learning study materials and more. You’ll find plenty of helpful resources covering all areas of learning and development.

Our Skill Boosters are the talk of the town. Our kits have tons of learning materials to keep your kids engaged for long durations of time. This is possible because of:

  • Fun Activities 

  • Printed Worksheets 

  • Unique Story Cards 

  • Age Appropriate Puzzles 

  • Large Sized Posters 

  • Distinctive Game Boards  

  • Bright And Colorful Flashcards 

The kits are curated to teach essential skills to your child including phonics, grammar, hindi language & logic development. Each kit has unique learning elements covering various topics so that your child is thorough with the basics.

Our Phonics kit is a comprehensive learning solution that will help your child ace listening, writing, speaking and reading skills of the English language. There are letter sounds, long vowel words, short vowel words, digraphs, diphthongs, word families, blends, spelling rules, sentence and word construction topics in our kit. You will find Phonics worksheets for magic ‘e’ words, scavenger hunt game for consonant blends, sight words for continuous revision, word search games, etc in our kit.

Our Grammar Kit is the only kit you will need to teach grammar in a fun and engaging manner. Vital topics like articles, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, and conjunctions are covered in detail in this single learning kit. You will find worksheets for nouns, adjectives’ word list, nouns word tiles, verb charades and much more in our grammar kit.

Next, our Logic Edition kit will end your search for brain development games. It comes with tangrams, matchstick puzzles, word games, and many such brain teasers to engage your child productively. And our Bright Start kit does the same for infants and toddlers in the age group of 0-12 months.

One of our best sellers is the hindi kit. You will find many hindi worksheets for matras, swars, vyanjan, varnamala, words & sentence construction, puzzles, games, activities, rhymes, poems , stories and over 13 thematic units etc. All these worksheets for hindi activities are supported with ample material for almost one year and will ensure that your child becomes adept at Hindi speaking, reading and writing.

The individual topics in the kits are given in a systematic manner, keeping in mind a child’s learning curve. So all you have to do is to follow the sequence curated by our experts and let your child discover the joy of learning with ClassMonitor.