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A program which strengthens core Hindi Language skills of childern
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Helps your child develop listening, speaking, reading, writing and develop vocabulary.

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What is Skill Boosters Hindi Kit?

Our Skill Boosters Hindi Edition is an exciting new learning kit, designed to introduce Hindi to early learners in an engaging, active, play-based approach.

Trusted by 2 Lakh+ parents
because our kit contains

350+ study items and 100 activities

This kit will help your child build a vocabulary of around 850 Hindi words

A single kit which has resources to develop a strong foundation in all Hindi skills

It consists of Word and Sentence building activities.

Year-long complimentary subscription of our app based digital guide for parents

Activities designed to enhance parent-child bonding

Learning is activity based and gamified.

Screen-Free entertainment and engagement

What's inside the kit?

Conversation Cards

20+ conversation cards which are designed for practise.

Swar, Vyanjan and Matra Tiles

These tiles are designed to recognize swars, vyanjans and matras and building the words.

Poem and Story Cards

These 30+ original poem and story cards will make reading fun for your child.


70+ worksheets which are divided into 20 categories


50+ attractive flashcards to teach concepts and vocabulary

..and many more exciting activities.

Frequently asked questions

It is an activity box which covers your child's early education needs for a whole academic year.

Our Skill Boosters enhance and focus on specific skills.

It comprises of 250+ activity sheets, worksheets, flashcards, AR Cards, posters, story cards, game boards, etc. covering over 14 categories.

It takes up to 6-7 business days. Once the kit is shipped, our courier partner will provide the tracking details.

All the activities are age appropriate. There are various worksheets, hands-on activities and craft items available in the kit.

Age groups for every product are mentioned on the website. If there’s any further query you reach out to us at +91-62620-46204

A Proven Formula For Powerful Learning
Trusted By 2 Lakh+ Parents

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Our Skill Booster - Hindi Edition is ideal for 2.5 years onwards. This kit has 350+ learning materials which cover important topics including swars, vyanjan, varnmala, matras, word formation, sentence formation, colors, shapes, seasons, day & night, animals, colours, shapes,daily activities etc. There is a lot of engaging and unique practice material like worksheets, puzzles, riddles, story cards, word tiles and so much more in this all in one Hindi learning kit.

Our Hindi Kit for kids is curated in a way that the element of fun learning for kids is never missed. Your kid’s learning with ClassMonitor will be an interactive and hands-on learning experience, one which will set the right foundation for their higher education. Our Skill Booster - Hindi Edition and digital application is an optimum mix to ensure that your child will learn to read, write, understand and speak Hindi in the correct way.