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ClassMonitor is an award-winning Ed-Tech organization on a mission. We have created the world’s finest early childhood home learning platform, designed for holistic development of young learners in the age group of 0-8 Years.

At ClassMonitor, we are pioneering an approach
which seamlessly blends online and offline education to create
powerful and exciting learning experiences.

We are currently creating a revolution in home learning education for early childhood. Its breakthrough learning approach is targeted to upskill children with a blend of traditional and modern teaching methods.

ClassMonitor’s hybrid learning tools take children to a learning space that combines real-life learning experiences with curated activities.

Vijeet Pandey, Founder & CEO


Classmonitor is committed to these pillars of high-quality education:

Commitment To Excellence

We are committed to creating and delivering learning programs hallmarked by excellence.

Our skilled R&D team creates, curates and tests each activity of the Learning Packs.

Unwavering Ethics

Our diversified team shares the same values and the same vision of making learning joyful, enriching and accessible to all children.

Everything we design is backed by research, our understanding of child development, and successful pedagogical practices.

Forging Bonds

We believe for true and deep learning to happen parental involvement in their child’s learning is imperative.

We create learning experiences which forge these bonds, allowing the parent and child to learn together in an exciting and joyful manner.

Vijeet Pandey Co- Founder
Vikas Rishishwar Co-Founder & Product Head
Shaheen Shafi Senior Curriculum Director
Shobha Wilfred Curriculum Director
Harsha Thadani CRM Head
Lisha Khanchandani Chief Content Strategist
Pratha Tiwari Creative Head
Anisha Gupta Agrawal Head of Distribution
Paritosh Sawner Head of Design
Bijoy Kumar Paul Associate Sales Head

Our Advisor

Mr. Nandakumar Venkatraman

Mr Nandakumar has donned various roles as CEO, Director, Member-Board of Directors, Director (academics), Principal, IB Diploma Co-ordinator, Vice-Principal (Academics & Administration) & Teacher.
A seasoned educationalist with 4 decades of experience in diverse academic and administrative roles, his mentorship and wisdom has proved immensely knowledge enhancing for ClassMonitor.

Our Journey

Awarded for Educational Excellence by Reputed Institutions

Best Indian Innovation in Ed-Tech
Start Up Award 2021 Ed-Tech
Excellence in Innovative Ed-Tech
Progressive Ed-Tech Company 2017