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Explore our collection of yearlong home-learning kits with resources covering all areas of learning and development. You’ll find a kit that is suitable for the educational needs of your child. Go ahead, help your child uncover their inner genius!

ClassMonitor is your one-stop shop for extensive learning materials made exclusively for children aged 0 to 3. We recognize the value of early education and have collected a diverse variety of resources to help your child grow and thrive.

We provide a wide range of worksheets and puzzles that offer an interactive and hands-on learning experience. These instructional materials are meticulously developed to captivate young minds, promote problem-solving skills, and foster critical thinking. Your youngster may have fun while learning important cognitive abilities with our worksheets and puzzles.

Are you looking for a comprehensive learning solution? Our learning kits have been meticulously designed to deliver a well-rounded educational experience. Each kit has been deliberately created to include a variety of learning materials like worksheets, puzzles, flashcards, and more. With these all-inclusive learning kits, you can ensure that your child has a well-rounded and enjoyable educational experience.

With our AR cards and flashcards, you can bring learning to life. These cutting-edge technologies make use of augmented reality technology to provide an immersive and dynamic learning environment. As your child interacts with virtual characters and things, their eyes will light up with delight, expanding their knowledge of concepts and increasing their engagement.

We offer activity boxes filled with carefully picked materials and activities to make learning even more pleasurable. These activity boxes are intended to provide a hands-on learning experience while also encouraging creativity, imagination, and problem-solving abilities. Each box contains activities, workbooks, and puzzles tailored to your child's age and developmental stage.

In addition, we provide activity papers designed exclusively for children ages 0 to 3. These pages are jam-packed with age-appropriate exercises and entertaining activities that encourage learning through play. Our activity sheets, whether coloring, tracing, or matching, are meant to keep your youngster happy while also improving their cognitive and motor skills.

To provide your child with the best educational tools, browse our extensive selection of learning resources, which include worksheets, puzzles, learning kits, ARCards, flashcards, activity boxes, and activity sheets. ClassMonitor is dedicated to providing top-notch resources that promote learning, pique curiosity, and cultivate a love of learning. Explore our assortment right away to get started on an exciting educational adventure with your child.