Home Learning Kit for kids.

An activity kit for early childhood education that helps to teach, play & bond with your child.

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Home Learning Kit for kids.

An activity kit for early childhood education that helps to teach, play & bond with your child.

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The ClassMonitor Learning Kit helps your child develop

Linguistic Skills
Logical Thinking
Sensory & motor Skills
Cognitive Skills

A Year Long Learning Kit

A Comprehensive Home Learning Guide That Also Supports School Work

Over 250+ Activities

A kit that will foster the fundamental development of your child.

What will my child learn 📖 (1-2.5 years of age).

PlayGroup Kit


Love of animals teaches your child to be kind, caring, patient and empathetic.


Teach your child to care for nature and to appreciate the beauty of the natural world.

Literacy Skills

Early literacy skills stimulates brain development, and helps achieve greater academic success.

Numeracy Skills

A good grounding in maths is an essential life skill.


Learning shape helps children to identify and organize visual information.


An array of vibrant activities to make your child realize that life is full of colours.


Helps your child be curious and explore the natural world.


Being with nature makes children calm, gentle and kind.

Fruits And Vegetable

Develops healthy eating habits and awareness of the environment.


Give your child the sense of joy and excitement about language through nursery rhymes.


Take your child to an enchanted world of fairy tales, fables and stories.

Community Helpers

Makes them aware that there are friendly people to help them when they need help.


A good way to fulfil their curiosity about how things work, and how they happen.

Pre Writing Skills

The basic skills that children need to develop before they begin to write.

The Human Body

Learning about the human body teaches children how to respect and care for their body.

All this just at a one time price of Rs.3499 $100

  • The learning kit with over 250 activities.
  • Access to ClassMonitor Community Of educational experts and parents.
  • Year long subscription of complimentary digital guide with the kit.
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