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Worksheet - Colouring

Worksheet - Colouring

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Worksheet - Colouring

Colour Mary and her lamb in your favourite colours


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Do you know? 2-3 is the peak age for a kid’s cognitive development. And it’s important that your kid gets access to age-appropriate learning material. And this is the expert-suggested path for your child's overall development. To make this easy for you, we’ve curated a wide variety of printable worksheets for your preschoolers. These worksheets will make learning easy for your kid for all topics, including alphabets, numbers & many others growth in the most engaging way. 

Our Preschool Worksheets Make Learning Easy

Getting joy out of something is the best way for toddlers to learn. Who doesn't want their kids to smile like the morning sun when learning? Our worksheets fulfill their promise of instilling eagerness in your child for learning new things regularly. 

With plenty of learning opportunities, our worksheets make both parents & kids happy. Various activities - coloring shapes, matching dots & puzzles make your kid crave more activities like these. 

Activity in our preschool worksheet introduces all the important concepts to your kid. For example, coloring shapes trigger your kid to differentiate shapes. Then an activity of matching dots gets your kid to learn about numbers. And there are more like these which make sure kids grasp all the concepts.

ProTip for parents: Make a routine & be consistent in teaching your kid. Utilize our skill filters to pick worksheets of a subject you want your kids to learn. Happy Learning!