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Research shows that balance skills help children to develop better language abilities, improved reading and writing skills, enhanced concentration and body control.

In practicing new skills in all sports and physical activity, balance is the most essential. Learning balance helps children develop better concentration skills.

Your little one will love this balancing toy, designed for fun and engaging learning..

  • 1 Balancing board
  • 1 Half moon balancing shape
  • 6 Peg dolls (Different sizes and weight)
  • Made from wood, non-toxic colours & water based finishes.
  • Eco-friendly & safe.
  • Natural wood

  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Imaginative play
  • Fine motor skills
  • Sensory play early numeracy skills like: size, height, comparison, order.

How to PLAY?

This balancing toy is designed to inspire limitless creativity and fun. It can be enjoyed in countless ways, providing endless opportunities for imaginative play. To help kick-start your child’s learning adventure, we're excited to share an idea on how to begin!

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Welcome to ClassMonitor's ‘Balancing It’ wooden toy, where your child will understand the concept of balancing easily! Our wooden balancing toy is designed to provide both entertainment and developmental benefits, making them a perfect addition to any child's playtime. 

At ClassMonitor, we understand the importance of providing children with toys that engage their minds productively. Our wooden balancing toys are crafted from high-quality, natural wood, ensuring durability and safety. With their smooth surfaces and non-toxic finishes, these toys are perfect for little hands to explore & experiment. 

Our wooden pegs will hone your children's fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and patience as they carefully arrange the pegs without toppling the structure. It's a fantastic activity for developing concentration, problem-solving abilities, and perseverance.

When it comes to wooden toys, ClassMonitor is a trusted name among parents and educators. Our balancing toy offers a refreshing break from screen time, allowing children to engage in active and imaginative play. These toys make wonderful gifts, providing children with a platform to learn, grow, and have endless fun.

Unlock the world of balance and coordination with ClassMonitor's captivating collection of wooden balancing toys. Shop now and witness your child's skills and confidence soar as they understand the concept of balance. You can trust us to provide safe, durable, and educational wooden toys that inspire physical and cognitive development in the most enjoyable way possible.