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A box full of joy and learning for ages 0-1
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The materials in this pack are curated to aid the cognitive and sensorial development of growing infants.

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What is Skill Boosters Bright Start?

Skill Boosters Bright Start is a beautifully designed kit for infants. This kit has an engaging sensorial approach to cognitive and sensory-motor development.

Trusted by 2 Lakh+ parents
because our kit contains

100+ high quality engaging resources

Year-long complimentary subscription of our app-based digital guide for parents

Access to ClassMonitor’s Community of educational experts and parents

Designed for holistic development

A single kit that has resources to aid your child developmental milestone journey

Activities curated to enhance parent-child bonding

9+ Thematic activities for your newly born

Screen-Free entertainment and engagement

What's inside the kit?

High Contrast Cards

40+ High Contrast Cards to help your newly born in depicting interesting shapes & patterns and in developing their vision.

Milestone Cards

20+ Milestone Cards have been curated in the most interesting manner to celebrate your baby’s memorable moments.

DIY Cot Mobile

DIY Cot Mobile will help newborns focus on colours and shapes, promoting their mental & visual development.

Keepsake Cards

Attractive Keepsake Cards are designed to imprint your infant’s hands and feet for posterity.

Velcro Board & Shapes

Velcro Board & Shapes are the most versatile item in our kit and will help your baby in pattern and shape recognition.

..and many more exciting activities.

Frequently asked questions

It is an activity box which covers your child's early education needs for a whole academic year.

Our Skill Boosters enhance and focus on specific skills.

It comprises of 250+ activity sheets, worksheets, flashcards, AR Cards, posters, story cards, game boards, etc. covering over 14 categories.

It takes up to 6-7 business days. Once the kit is shipped, our courier partner will provide the tracking details.

All the activities are age appropriate. There are various worksheets, hands-on activities and craft items available in the kit.

Age groups for every product are mentioned on the website. If there’s any further query you reach out to us at +91-62620-46204

A Proven Formula For Powerful Learning
Trusted By 2 Lakh+ Parents

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Our Skill Booster - Bright Start is an ideal gift for infants & toddlers. You will find unique and engaging sensory motor and cognitive development material like high contrast flash cards, pattern recognition activities, sensory stimulation activities, velcro board etc. There are milestone cards and keepsake cards that will help you record beautiful memories with your little one.

Everything in this activity box ensures brain development from the formative years itself. Our Bright Start kit also comes with an annual subscription for parents. This App provides guidelines on how to conduct each activity. It also gives parents access to a parental guide which contains a month by month development map and useful parenting tips.