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Logic Kit

An Activity Box that inspires creativity, critical thinking and boosts IQ.
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Helps your child to become an independent thinker and a problem solver

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How will the Skill Booster Logic Edition help my child?

Our Skill Boosters Logic Edition encourages creativity and critical thinking, problem solving, decision making & collaboration skills

Trusted by 2 Lakh+ parents
because our kit contains

50+ study items

It consists of various engaging activities for all round brain development

A single box that has everything for your child to develop reasoning and vocabulary

It helps to build mathematical skills

Fully enabled App for Parents to easily access the solutions, needed to perform the activities

Activities designed to enhance parent-child bonding

It consists of puzzles and crosswords to build concentration

Screen-Free entertainment and engagement

What's inside the kit?

Puzzles and Riddles

Puzzle and Riddles cards to develop thinking skills.


Various crossword puzzles designed to develop their vocabulary.


Tangrams puzzles helps children to develop their visual discrimination skills.

Word Games

Words games which come along with letter tiles and cards which helps them to develop their vocabulary and thinking skills.

Decoding Activities

Fun and interactive activity sheets which contain various decoding puzzles.

..and many more exciting activities.

Frequently asked questions

It is an activity box which covers your child's early education needs for a whole academic year.

Our Skill Boosters enhance and focus on specific skills.

It comprises of 250+ activity sheets, worksheets, flashcards, AR Cards, posters, story cards, game boards, etc. covering over 14 categories.

It takes up to 6-7 business days. Once the kit is shipped, our courier partner will provide the tracking details.

All the activities are age appropriate. There are various worksheets, hands-on activities and craft items available in the kit.

Age groups for every product are mentioned on the website. If there’s any further query you reach out to us at +91-62620-46204

A Proven Formula For Powerful Learning
Trusted By 2 Lakh+ Parents

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