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Phonics Learning Kit - Worksheet, Diphthong, Sight Words

A complete reading solution based on Phonics + Whole Word Method

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Suitable for the age group 3-6 years. Helps your child pronounce, read and spell almost every word of the English language.

How does the Skill Boosters Phonics Kit help your child?

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Trusted by 2 Lakh+ parents
because our kit contains

250+ study items

A year’s worth of material to help teach your child Phonics

50+ story cards to develop reading and comprehension skills.

Word Tiles, Games, Puzzles and Activities to build vocabulary.

An app-based library with educational materials to support your child’s learning.

Activities designed to enhance parent-child bonding.

Access to ClassMonitor’s Community of educational experts and parents.

Screen-Free learning and engagement

What's inside the kit?

Board Games

Phonics based board games to revise the concepts in a fun way.

Posters and Charts

Attractive large print posters which help in learning new concepts.


Engaging flashcards to teach letter recognition and letter sounds.

Reusable Phonetic Tiles

100+ reusable tiles to introduce phonic concepts and practise word building and recognition.

Story Cards

50+ story cards to encourage children to read independently.

..and many more exciting activities.

Frequently asked questions

The Annual Packs are created for holistic learning. They address your child’s year-long learning needs. Key concepts in literacy, numeracy and EVS are integrated with art and craft, role-play and puppetry, music and movement as well as skills such as logical thinking and problem-solving. Important values of empathy, sharing and honesty are also woven into the learning experiences.

Skill booster kits help strengthen and build your child’s competencies in key learning areas while enhancing Essential skills like Cognitive Skills, Language Skills,Reasoning Skills etc.

There are over 300+ study materials in the kit consisting of flash cards, posters, game boards, Magic Augmented Reality Cards, Activity sheets, worksheets, DIY activities etc and a stationery kit to keep your little one engaged.

The kit usually gets delivered in 6-7 business days, Once the kit is shipped you will get the tracking details, refer to this video to know more.

Each kit is divided into different categories like- literacy, numeracy, shapes, colors, flora and fauna, fruits and vegetables, human body, Community helpers, transportation, good hygiene and rhymes & stories.

Age groups for every product are mentioned on the website. If there’s any further query you reach out to us at +91-97544-55445

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Our Skill Booster - Phonics Edition is ideal for ages 3 years to 8 years. This kit has 250+ learning materials that cover important topics like letter sounds, word families, starting blends, end blends, digraphs, diphthongs, and much more. There is lots of engaging and unique practice material in the kit like Phonics worksheets for long vowel sounds & short vowel sounds, scavenger hunt game for consonant blends, roll-a-die game for letter sounds, and much more. You will find phonics worksheets for Kindergarten, Learning puzzles, sight words, riddles, story cards, word tiles and so much more in this all-in-one phonics learning kit.

Our Phonics Kit for kids is curated in a way that the element of fun learning is never missed. Your kid’s learning with ClassMonitor will be an interactive and hands-on learning experience, one which will set the right foundation for their higher education. Our Skill Booster - Phonics Edition and digital application is an optimum mix to ensure that your child will learn to read, write and speak in the correct way.