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Make your kid a fluent reader with our phonics worksheets. Our free resources cover phonics syllabus for across ages & different grades. With these phonics worksheets, we focus on improving the reading & speaking skills of your child. It includes alphabet letter sounds, sight words, consonant blends, rhyming words, diphthongs, CVC words, and much more, which will keep your child involved in phonics throughout the day. 


Reading becomes Better with Our Printable Phonic Worksheets

Phonics is a method of teaching the relationship between sounds & written letters. It is the best teaching method for language development in children. 

Teaching children to read to parents is difficult as they might not have access to the right teaching methods. And adding teaching via the older methods only adds to the boredom. To keep them away from this, you should know how to introduce phonics with fun activities & games, which will tempt your child into reading. To save you time in searching for phonic activities, we’ve created a treasure of phonic worksheets at your fingertips. Use our ‘categories’ filters to get curated worksheets that fit the kid’s learning curve.

Here’re a few tips & tricks for effective learning of your child: 

  1. Read aloud to your child when using our phonic printable.

  2. Help your child in the phonics activities. In some worksheets, you can help him/her using the guide & instructions.

  3. Be consistent in teaching phonics to your child. But ensure that you do not overwhelm your child in a day. 

  4. Keep looking for free worksheets on for sight words, CVC word lists, consonant blends, vowel sounds & tons of phonic topics for your child to improve his/ her reading, writing & speaking skills.