Environmental Education ( EVS ) Worksheets



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Download our free EVS worksheets curated for 0-8-year-olds kids that help raise awareness of the environment & living beings. Comes with DIY activities & games, our worksheets are helpful for parents & teachers to engage children in learning essentials of EVS. We’ve fun-themed activities like ‘color the farm animals’ & ‘jungle walk’ that help children learn about many forms of water, names of different animals, insects, birds, domestic animals, vegetable & fruit names, community helpers, seasons & so much more. 

Our EVS Worksheets help your Kid understand his Surroundings 

EVS stands for environmental studies. The subject teaches the basics of environmental topics & our day-to-day surroundings like water, air, season, forest, & living beings, etc. It also helps parents raise awareness among kids about climate change, biodiversity, conservation & sustainable development. With our worksheets, EVS becomes a more interesting subject than ever before. We’ve curated 1000+ interactive activities & in our worksheets to cover every essential topic in an interesting way.  

We’ve created hands-on activities & projects in our EVS worksheets to facilitate children’s learning. Classmonitor’s experts used gamified learning, real-world examples, stories & many fun activities - all in one place to increase environmental awareness & scientific literacy in kids of all ages.