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Worksheet Time Your Child Challenge 5

Worksheet Time Your Child Challenge 5

Kindergarten UKG Class 1 Class 2 Math

Worksheet Time Your Child Challenge 5

Add, Subtract, or Multiply to match the monkeys to the bananas

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Math is something your kid cannot avoid. It’s everywhere, even if it does not interest your kid. Math will always be a part of a kid's life. In fact, it is instrumental in improving the cognitive & problem-solving skills of children. 

But teaching math is not simple. Without the right guidance, you’d often find your kid frustrated with numbers & likely to grow a dislike for math in his early years. So to eradicate this fear of numbers, we’ve come up with 1000+ interactive worksheets for math. How do our worksheets help your kid? We’ve created worksheets that go beyond the traditional approach of teaching math at schools. You’d find that our worksheets for math are blended with fun games, puzzles & activities that easily help your kid understand math & hone their numeracy skills.   

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