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Phonics Learning Kit - Worksheet, Diphthong, Sight Words

A complete reading solution based on Phonics + Whole Word Method

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Suitable for the age group 3-6 years. Helps your child pronounce, read and spell almost every word of the English language.

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How does the Skill Boosters Phonics Kit help your child?

Our Skill Booster - Phonics Edition is ideal for ages 3 years to 8 years. This kit has 250+ learning materials that cover important topics like letter sounds, word families, starting blends, end blends, digraphs, diphthongs, and much more. There is lots of engaging and unique practice material in the kit like Phonics worksheets for long vowel sounds & short vowel sounds, scavenger hunt game for consonant blends, roll-a-die game for letter sounds, and much more. You will find phonics worksheets for Kindergarten, Learning puzzles, sight words, riddles, story cards, word tiles and so much more in this all-in-one phonics learning kit.

Our Phonics Kit for kids is curated in a way that the element of fun learning is never missed. Your kid’s learning with ClassMonitor will be an interactive and hands-on learning experience, one which will set the right foundation for their higher education. Our Skill Booster - Phonics Edition and digital application is an optimum mix to ensure that your child will learn to read, write and speak in the correct way.