Easy Easter Activities For Kindergarten

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Must try Easter Activities with your Kindergarten kid

For kindergarten kids, Easter equals a holiday which is full of candies, fun, and food. This also means that your kindergarten going kid needs to be entertained & engaged in easy Easter crafts. 

And for this to happen, we have curated a list of 8 fun Easter activities for kindergarten which you can try with minimum preparation. 

We have also included some creative Easter eggs activities that kindergarten kids will enjoy, so let’s dive in!  

Easter Bingo Games

Bingo Easter game for kindergarten includes 16 game boards and can be played at school or at home. This visual easter game will keep the kids involved. Plus, they will get to learn more about Easter via this game. 

Arrange 15 different Bingo game cards in a zip lock bag. The cards will have a picture of different Easter images like bunnies, baskets, chicks, eggs, etc. Players will have a pre-printed sheet with pictures inside a zip-lock bag.

Pull one card and explain the picture to the kids. They will cover/mark it on their sheets. It will continue until one gets four pictures covered/marked in a row.

Enjoy Easter Song And Dance

Set the mood with an Easter-themed song and dance. Get them to move their bodies and minds to different easter tunes. You will easily find many songs related to Easter online. 

Along with that, you can play an Easter bunny poem and get them to recite it. Or you can play any bunny-themed song that will get them bouncing and hopping like cute bunnies.

This is the perfect way to give a kickstart to your Easter celebration. Plus, it is perfect to use as an Easter-themed brain break or morning exercise in your kindergarten classroom!

Plant Easter Seeds

Planting seeds is a great way to make kids learn about where foods come from and how plants grow. In order to make this activity apt for Easter, get some small pots and ask the kids to decorate them with Easter stickers. Then, label the pots and plant the seeds.

You can also reuse old pots. Place it at a height where kids can see the growth daily.

This is also a good summer Easter activity for kindergarten school projects. For this, teachers can allow kids to take their pots home after the holiday. Thus, they will witness the progress and take care of it at their home.

Easter Bunny Race

In this race, kids will have to hop like a bunny from the start to the finish line. The one who reaches the finish line hoping will be the winner. Award the winner with candies and peeps to make their win worth it.

You can try out different variations of this Easter activity for your kindergarten kid. Put a balloon between the children’s knees, or ask them to get into a sack. It will uplift the difficulty level. Kids will feel that the game is challenging and will give their all.

This also works like an effective physical exercise for the kids. 

Egg Rolling

In this game, players roll eggs down a hill or a slope and see which egg rolls the farthest or fastest. Get hard-boiled eggs or plastic eggs as per your preference. 

Select a slope or hill where the kids will roll the eggs. It should be steep but not so abrupt that the eggs will roll too quickly, and it will become tough to catch. Ask the players to roll the eggs with their hands or spoon.

Mark the spot with a stick or chalk where the eggs stop after rolling down. See whose egg has rolled the farthest or fastest without cracking and announce the winner. 

Easter Eggs For Fun

The Easter month means you will see a lot of eggs everywhere. Whether it is a real one or plastic eggshells, they are in every house. Ask the kids to gather all the plastic eggs and create different shapes and sculptures by glueing them together. This will make a great Easter art for your kindergarten kid.  

When the kids do not have a specific shape in mind, they will use their creativity. With that, they will make unique shapes and use their brain. Yet, the main aim is to have fun while creating the shapes. 

Egg Lace Cards

This fun Easter art activity will not only help the kids enhance their motor skills, but also it will improve their hand-eye control, visual perception, and visual discrimination skills. 

Take a piece of cardboard, and cut it into the shape of an egg using scissors. After that, make holes in the border of the egg. Now, you can either draw figures or write numbers over each hole. Then, take a string and attach its one end to the back of the card only to keep it in place.

Give it to the kids and let them pass the other end of the string through the holes in recorded order. It will help them boost their thinking skills while having fun. To make the activity more interesting, you can substitute numbers with shapes or something else.

Egg Balloon Balance

This is another fun game to celebrate Easter with kindergarten kids. In this game, you will need a square or newspaper’s page and tape it on the floor. That place will be the court for the game. In place of an egg, you will need to have a balloon.

After that, let the kids stand on the square or the newspaper. Then, they have to hit the balloon; it moves up in the air. But they have to make sure that they can’t step out of the court.

You can either decide the winner on the basis of the most balloon hits or time duration for the kids to announce the winner. Another alternative can be balancing the balloon on their head without stepping out of the court.


These activities will set the stage for a  great time with your students and kids. As a teacher, you can make your classes more enjoyable. Or, as a parent, you will get an opportunity to spend fun time with your little munchkins.

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