10+ Fun Easter Activities For Preschoolers

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Easy Craft Activities for Good Friday | 10+ Fun Easter Activities For Preschoolers

Springtime calls out new beginnings, renewal of life, and everyone’s favorite holiday: Easter! We have come up a list of 13 easy & must try easter crafts for your preschooler.
Your little one is going to adore these activities. Bonus points, you get to have a fun time with tons of happy memories. Do try them out with your little munchkins to see their happy faces.

Easter Egg Lunch Hunt

The Easter egg hunt is an engaging and super fun easter activity for preschoolers. Use plastic eggs and fill them with tiny food and snacks. Kids will love it while hunting for their lunch.

And they will have a blast; while eating them right out of their eggs. It will also teach them sharing with friends & siblings.  

Mix And Match Bunny & Chick Craft

Here is another fun activity to include in the easter activities for preschoolers. Kids can turn themselves into little chicks and bunnies. They can use pieces in the printable template to create their chicks.

Or they can use their own photos. In addition, kids can swap out the different eggs, baskets, feet, and wings. It will be a lot of fun to watch them select the options.

Easter Egg Coloring Pages

If you want a quiet time  easter activity for kids, this is the best to go with. It is a perfect egg craft for preschoolers where they can sit quietly and draw. Kids will get a chance to work on their painting skills.

Let them draw colorful eggs and paint them with their desired colors. 

Fingerprint Bunny

Preschoolers love making messy crafts as it doesn’t need to be precise and perfect. Those little hands are not going to be the same size again. Thus, it can be a memorable activity as well.

Cut out the silhouette of a bunny or springtime image. Whatever the kids like the most, ask them. Give them different paint colors and let them create a unique Good Friday craft with their colorful fingerprints. 

Potato Stamp Chicks

Art using different shapes of veggies and fruits is something kids love. Plus, it’s a great way to involve the kids in art. 

The activity with crafting chicks is too cute. Cut different shapes of potatoes to create a variety of shapes. Apart from that, you can use this technique to create other birds also. 

Playdough Counting Mats

Make the kids practice counting to 10 along with playing. With hands-on Easter Counting Playdough Mats, you can make them study and play at the same time.

Create eggs out of the dough and put them in the basket according to the number specified. Plus, laminate them; you can use them again and again. Kids will love to learn numbers in this way.

Motor Egg Game

Practicing motor skills for kids is a must. Thus, you have to figure out new ways to hone their motor skills. This easter activity for kids is best to keep them entertained.

It is more like a lemon and spoon game. Instead of lemon, you have to put a plastic egg on the spoon. They have to walk from the start line to the finish line without dropping their eggs. The game is challenging at first, but if they get it once, they will be proud and enjoy it.

Easter Matching

Matching games have always been the favorite category of children. Your kid is going to love and enjoy this activity. You have to do a little prep before getting them into this activity.

Cut out different shapes, patterns, and colors. Ask them to match the one with a similar pattern. This fun game allows the kids to work on their skills and memory exercises. 

Easter Bunny Hat

Every preschooler loves wearing hats. They can even wear it all the time and every day. If you give them the option to draw the hats in their desired colors, they are going to adore it.

Create bunny-shaped hat prints for your kid. Ask them to paint in their desired colors. When they are done and wear it, they will be extremely happy.

Do A Dot Printables

The easiest way to set up an activity, get a printout of different letters. Whether they are in the classroom or at home, it is a great way to make the kids learn in a fun way.

Get the printout with different letters on it. Draw a certain letter which they have to find; B or b. Then, ask them to make a dot on the specific letter; if they find one. The game is amusing as well as engaging.

Egg Bowling

This is a perfect good friday craft for preschoolers which can substitute bowling games. 

Not only does it give a festive vibe, but also it is simple. Use tiny plastic eggs in the place of a bottle. Although the eggs don’t fall, resetting the toys will be a breeze each time.

Chick And Egg Letter Matching

Let the munchkins practise letter writing with adorable egg cutouts and baby chicks. Write a letter on the egg cutouts and the same on the baby chicks’ printouts. Ask the kids to place similar letters on each other.

It will help them enhance their memory skills. These printables for preschool children will save you time as well as make you get the most out of it. They can practice such activities to spend their holiday in a more productive way.

Bunny Bean Bag Toss

Sketch a bunny on a piece of cardboard and make a hole in the area of its mouth and tummy. Make little carrots bags; so they can fit into the size of its mouth and tummy. Then, fill them with lentils and secure them with glue.

Make sure to seal the carrot nag properly; otherwise, your beans will pop out of it. They will toss them through the bunny’s mouth or tummy to score points. Toddlers can also play with them after Easter is over.


Hope you liked these activities and are looking forward to indulging in them with your little ones. These activities are perfect for the preschool classroom as well as the home.

These fun and simple activities are perfect for kids aged 2-5. But the older kids will also love to jump into fun activities. Make sure to add these activities to the list this Easter and have a blast with the kids.

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