Home Learning Kit for kids.

An activity kit for early childhood education that helps to teach, play & bond with your child.

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Home Learning Kit for kids.

An activity kit for early childhood education that helps to teach, play & bond with your child.

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The ClassMonitor Learning Kit helps your child develop

Linguistic Skills
Logical Thinking
Sensory & motor Skills
Cognitive Skills

A Year Long Learning Kit

A Comprehensive Home Learning Guide That Also Supports School Work

Over 250+ Activities

A kit that will foster the fundamental development of your child.

What will my child learn 📖 (4.5-5.5 years of age).

Senior KG / KG2 Kit

Literacy Skills

Literacy skills focus on a child’s ability to read, understand & verbally communicate in the english language.

Numeracy Skills

Exercise your little one’s logical & mathematical skills with a dynamic set of activities, worksheets & games.

Shapes & Colours

Learning about Shapes and Colours helps children with an array of important practical life skills.


Teach the concept of air around us through fun science experiments and activities.


Help your child understand the importance of water, right from early childhood.

Animal Kingdom

Let your little explorer, discover and learn about the animal kingdom.


Transportation is part of our children’s everyday lives. Let them learn more about it through fun hands-on activities.

Community Helpers

Learn all about community helpers with super interesting games and activities.


Why try to explain miracles to children when you can just introduce them to the enchanted world of stories!


Rhymes and poems help children speak new words, modulate voices and experience the rhythm of language.

Plants Life

Plant life is the foundation of most food webs, teach children more about these incredibly important kingdom of organisms.

The Human Body

Teach children to view the body as a machine, where the parts of the body work for the other parts and work together as a system for the body as a whole.

My Country

Explore fun ways to let children know a little more about their country.

All this just at a one time price of Rs.3499 $100

  • The learning kit with over 250 activities.
  • Access to ClassMonitor Community Of educational experts and parents.
  • Year long subscription of complimentary digital guide with the kit.
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