Mental Math Kit - Worksheets & Fun Learning Games

A kit to hone your child’s ability to calculate mentally
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Our skill booster mental math kit helps children understand math concepts better and solve mathematical problems mentally with speed and accuracy.

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How does the Skill Boosters Mental Math help your child?

Our Skill Boosters mental math kits help children understand math concepts better and develops their ability to solve math problems mentally with speed and accuracy.

Trusted by 1 lakh+ parents
because our kit contains


A year’s worth of material to help your child master essential math concepts

Access to the ClassMonitor’s
community of parents
and early education experts

Gamified learning material

for easy understanding

Fun addition, subtraction, and multiplication

activities for conceptual clarity

An app-based library with educational
material to support your child’s learning

Activities designed to enhance parent-child bonding


entertainment and engagement

What's inside the kit?

Board Games

Concept-based board games for strengthening learning.

Fact Cards

To understand the basic mathematical concepts and facts.

Graded Worksheets

For students to practice and progressively level up in their learning.

Sight Cards

To see and understand addition, subtraction and multiplication through repeated revision.

Brain Teasers

Math puzzles to practice multiplication.

...and many more exciting activities

Frequently asked questions

It is an activity box which covers your child's early education needs for a whole academic year.

Our Skill Boosters enhance and focus on specific skills.

It comprises of 250+ activity sheets, worksheets, flashcards, AR Cards, posters, story cards, game boards, etc. covering over 14 categories.

It takes up to 6-7 business days. Once the kit is shipped, our courier partner will provide the tracking details.

All the activities are age appropriate. There are various worksheets, hands-on activities and craft items available in the kit.

Age groups for every product are mentioned on the website. If there’s any further query you reach out to us at +91-62620-46204

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Trusted By 1 Lakh + Parents

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Our Skill Boosters edition - Mental Math kit is ideal for 4 to 6 years old. This kit has more than 150+ study materials that cover vital math concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc. You will get unique learning materials like multiplication worksheets, addition games, missing number worksheets, guess the number, etc. to engage your child in a screen-free learning methodology.

This kit is curated by early learning experts and has age-appropriate practice material to sharpen your kid’s mental calculations from an early age itself. Your kid’s learning with ClassMonitor will be an interactive and hands-on learning experience, one which will set the right foundation for their higher education. Our Skill Booster - Mental Math Edition and digital application is an optimum mix to ensure that your child will ace their calculation skills