6 Ways To Introduce Alphabets To Your Child

Last Updated on November 18, 2022 by ClassMonitor

We are always finding ways to introduce the alphabet family to our little one. Sometimes we may feel it’s not necessary at such a young age, they will eventually get into learning about them in the coming years. I am sure you would like to make learning fun rather than a dreadful experience.

1. Yes, that’s right! Start with the letter of their names. This way they will learn to recognize and tell their names as well as learn about the letters. If you are looking at introducing it in a playful manner, google is your best friend! You will find a whole ton of fun activities to start with the name and letter introduction.

2. Using the environment to learn the letters – Yes! The environment. Almost everything around us has sentences or words flashing. Utilize the letters mentioned in them to your child’s utmost benefit. You can start by pointing out a letter and mention their sounds. Regular connection with the environment is an interesting way to maintain this with your child. Using materials or objects around us is a way to teach your little ones.

3. Sing with them – Try to start singing with them on a daily basis. Children love music and singing. Children and anyone for that matter of fact quickly grasp a tune and the words of a song. So, this is one interesting way to make this fun with learning! One popular video or tune is the Jolly Phonics videos/ that are available on youtube/ that introduce letters and their phonetic sounds.

4. Letter of the day or week – Some children take a while to know to their learning something that is an essential part of their life. Understand the learning pace of your child, and decide whether you want to introduce the letter family on a daily basis or weekly. There are a whole ton of activities and ways you can keep your child engaged with a particular letter. Nothing does the job like revising with your child as much as you can.

5. Read – Incorporate the method or reading that seems to be fading away these days. Run to your local or nearby children’s bookstore and grab as attractive letter books you can lay your hands on. There are a lot of 3d books that are available, that will leave your child engrossed into. So, get going to the bookstore right away!

6. The Letter Order – Yes, there is a certain order that you introduce the letters to your child. The sole reason behind this is so your child is able to form words later on, and they would be able to do this quickly and with ease.

Here is the order you can follow –
1. s, a, t, i, p, n
2. c, k, e, h, r
3. m, d, g, o
4. l, f, b, q, u
5. j, z, w
6. v, y, x

Take it slow with your child, they are all eventually going to get a hold of the letter family. Do not rush into it, they are young minds that are still developing. Make learning fun, interesting and easy for them! We are sure, you will have your child loving the letter family pretty quickly!

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