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5 Smart Games for Young Kids

It’s 4 o’clock in the evening, your little one has just come from the school and has started being obstinate to watch cartoon channels. They are gripping over watching television and the question of what Doremon and Pokemon are going to teach your child is simply not getting out of your head.
What would you do at such a moment?
You will think of other ways to entertain your child, something which will be productive and add will stimulate the germination of your child’s brain.
Brain games are considered as one of the most fruitful ways to feed fun to young children. Also, they help kids to be smarter and confidential.

Here is a list of smart brain games which you can play with your child-

1. I spy

This game can be played at any time with your child. This game will improve the observing skills of your kid.

Mutually decide with your little one; who is going to be the spy. Then instruct him/her that the spy is supposed to select the object which is clearly visible in the surrounding and then should start saying the adjectives and features of the chosen object. The only grounded rule of this game is not to reveal the answer (targeted object) until the other player accepts to lose the game. More hints can be given to make it easy for the other individual to guess the name of the object by sharing minor details like the color, shape or any other visible characteristic.

2. Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles apart from entertainment have tons of benefits on the other hand. The curiosity to fix and place the pieces of the puzzle at their respective place to achieve the required image relaxes your child’s brain and promotes their motor skills and makes them confidential.

Connect the dot puzzle

You can find several connect the dot puzzle printables on the internet. Connect the dot puzzle is all about a simple design out of connecting various dots forming lines and shaped ending in a drawing.

Hidden picture puzzle

There are so many hidden advantages of the hidden picture puzzles. It increases the visual concentration and observation capabilities of your child. As the child focuses on searching the hidden objects, he/she pays keen attention to the task of finding the right piece of the puzzle which ultimately leads them to increased concentration power.

3. Indoor Board games

There are various games available in the market which you can buy at very economical rates to benefit your kid’s brain to develop. Some of the top examples of indoor games are Othello, Snakes ‘n’ Ladders, Monopoly, Chess, Scrabble, and Tic Tac toe.

4. Rapid-fire

Set a timer of 60 seconds and start saying as many words with a particular alphabet as possible. You can upgrade the level by restricting words of certain categories. The one who states more words gets declared as a winner.

5. Human thesaurus

While playing human thesaurus all you need to do is define a word and ask your kid to tell its synonyms. This game will improvise your kid’s vocabulary and they will get familiar with multiple new words while you would be taking your chance in the game.

You can give a very good message to your kid of accepting the failure with grace while enjoying above mentioned indoor games with them.

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