How ClassMonitor helped 2 Lakh families to create the best learning experience.

Last Updated on November 18, 2022 by ClassMonitor

Ancient India followed the Gurukul system, where the teacher and student lived in great proximity to ensure the best learning outcomes. As time passed, the modern education system came in and brought in concepts such as classrooms, schools, exams and many more. And then came this pandemic, which made it challenging to work with the conventional learning techniques.

That is when ClassMonitor turned saviour for Parents of young children. ClassMonitor integrates virtual and traditional education. With education shifting to digital platforms, ClassMonitor ensured the quality time between parents/ grandparents and the child. With hands-on learning concepts, easy-to-understand activities, ClassMonitor made sure to bridge the learning gap which children faced by not going to preschools.


Children at this age shouldn’t be exposed to screen time, keeping this in mind ClassMonitor developed an application that is an easy-to-use digital guide for parents. With the rush in everyone’s lives, it’s important to spend quality time. ClassMonitor curated activities that will help parents bond with their children, teach them the concept, and map their learning process in the shortest possible time. To our surprise, not only young mothers and fathers loved our product, but also grandparents did.
“My daughter is a working woman and Shreya used to stay with me. My daughter showed me a ClassMonitor kit one day and asked me if I could help Shreya do these activities and keep her engaged in something useful. I was skeptical at first but the process to do these activities was very easy. The team was available to help us at every stage. I felt proud and nostalgic to do these activities again at this age with my granddaughter” – Grandmother of 3.5-year-old.
We wanted children to have the school experience which they’re missing. Our kit includes activities that make them explore and have fun around them.
“ I bought ClassMonitor’s playgroup kit when Jashrita was 1.5 years old. This kit was the first step which helped me enter Jashrita’s name in India Book Of Records 2021.” Parents around the world loved the ClassMonitor kit because of its easy to use, fun, interactive and variety of activities.


The journey doesn’t end here. We believe in providing the same experience to each and every child.

Every child learns at their own pace and ClassMonitor is on a mission to help improve early education by having a more efficient teacher, a more involved parent, and a highly motivated student.

Our belief – There is no time limit for kids to finish off the activities provided by ClassMonitor. A fast learner can finish in less time and move on to the next, while a slow learner takes a little more time to finish it.

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