Fun Activities for Kids That Are Absolutely Free

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Below is the list of kids’ activities that help you spend quality time with your children without spending money. Let these activities serve as a first step towards engaging your child in deeper conversations and strengthen the bond you share.

1. Make a “tent” out of bed sheets
2. Conduct Kitchen science experiments
3. Spend time watching photo albums
4. Watch your kid’s favorite TV show
5. Play video games together
6. Practice yoga together
7. Take turns reading to each other
8. Play store, restaurant, or ice cream stand together.
9. Cleanroom together
10. Solve a puzzle
11. Play board games
12. Go to the park
13. Rearrange their furniture
14. Take out the box of toys they haven’t played with for a while
15. Play with dolls together
16. Build Legos together
17. Ride bikes
18. Sit outside and look at the stars in the evening
19. Teach your child how to cook
20. Style your child’s hair
21. Let your child style your hair
22 Visit the library.
23. Let your child choose what to display in the place mentioned above.
24. Visit a free public museum.
25. Visit a zoo.
26. Plant seeds from something you’ve eaten, such as watermelon
27. Run through the sprinklers together
28. Take your dog to a dog park
29. Have a tea party.
30. Swing on the swings together
31. Have a water balloon fight
32. Make your treasure map.
33. Play 20 questions.
34. Play I Spy.
35. Wash your car together.
36. Listen to your favorites songs together.
37. Make pancakes in the shape of your child’s initials.
38. Make ice cream floats for dessert.
39. Race matchbox cars.
40. Teach your child a song you sang as a kid.
41. Read your favorite childhood picture book together.
42. Make a family tree.
43. Make your own memory game out of family photographs.
44. Scrapbook together.
45. Help your child write a letter to their grandparents, aunt, or uncle.
46. Draw caricatures of each other.
47. Write a story together.
48. Have a picnic outside or on the living room floor.
49. Build animal families out of homemade play-doh.
50 Create a special place in your home for displaying your child’s artwork.
51. Teach your child to ride a bike.
52. Teach one another some new dance moves.
53. Tell your child three things you like about them.
54. Make necklaces out of colored pasta shapes and dental floss.
55. Make a meal together for someone else.
56. Build something out of trash/recycling items.
57. Make a slideshow of your favorite digital photographs.
58. Pick flowers and press them in wax paper.
59. Make bookmarks.
60. Go bird watching.
61. Make life-size drawings of each other on the back of some old wrapping paper.
62. Play in the sand together, at the beach, a local park, or your child’s sandbox.
63. Help your child practice a sport they enjoy.
64. Write messages on the mirror for one another with soap.
65. Create memory boxes for your child’s favorite pictures, artwork, and mementos.

Drop in the comments below what activities you have performed with your child.

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