6 Effective Ways to Encourage Writing Skills

Last Updated on November 18, 2022 by ClassMonitor

Parents are always looking for different ways to support their children in learning to write. Some children grasp it early, while others need more of a helping hand.
What can be a seemingly easy task for us, can be very difficult for a kid-like, holding a pencil and forming letters.
Below are some tips to help your child learn these skills.


No kid will start writing properly at once. They will only start writing when the colors and patterns delight them. An exciting way to get your kid interested in writing is by using sand, salt or wheat flour to draw random signs and letters, encouraging them to follow the same.


Give your child a pencil or a crayon that fits their palms perfectly, providing a good grip. This will make writing easy and also make sure that their handwriting is good. A pencil grip can help your little one learn to hold a pencil properly.


Never stop your kids from scribbling. Let them scribble as soon as they start holding pens or pencils. Seeing things appear on a paper out of their hands will excite and encourage them to scribble more. In fact, demarcate a certain area-a blackboard or whiteboard where they can scribble to their heart’s content.
You can also teach them how to write their name, one letter at a time.


Kids tend to do things with greater enthusiasm when people around them are amused by what they do. Show them this excitement by laughing and clapping every time they scribble something. This will make them happier and encourage them to write more.


Keep your child away from gadgets in the initial years. Getting addicted to mobile phones will make them lose interest in writing. Also, avoid teaching them to write on a tablet as this will not allow them to develop proper pencil grip. In fact our lifestyle today is dominated by technology and it is impossible to keep a child away from it completely, it is worthwhile to restrict their exposure to the digital enhancements at the initial stage.


A lot of kids start writing backward in the beginning. To correct them, get a black slate with borders and mark the top left corner as the starting point. This will make sure that they write in the correct direction. Also, do not restrict them from writing what they want as this will dispirit and disinterest them from writing. Teach them to write things correctly, and step by step.

There are lots of ways you can encourage your child to love writing. Give these techniques a try and have some fun with your children!

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