Benefits of FlashCards for Toddlers

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The early years of a child are extremely important in many ways – they form the foundation for future development.

FLASHCARDS! Sound familiar? Flashcards are a proven way to teach and train children on various topics of interest, as it relies on the part of the brain that captures and processes visuals. Visual memory is in fact is the strongest part of human memory. Often toddlers start enjoying & identifying different sounds & colors by the age of 12-18 months. It indicates that the child is able to pick up some patterns & grasp them.

Why Flashcards are important

  • Engage “active recall”
  • Utilize your meta cognitive faculties
  • Allow for confidence-based repetition

A fun way to introduce & make the child learn a concept that might be related to animals, colors or even some patterns. With flashcards you are actually engaging the child in a question answer format that will make him or her curious to think about the topic & strive to learn of its answer. Flash cards also further develop children’s meta-cognition, meaning awareness and understanding of one’s own thought processes; where they judge their own performance based on the number of cards they can remember or get correct.

Flashcard Activities For Toddler

Alphabet Object Search

Children don’t like to sit in one place for long and if we make them do that, they get bored easily. This activity serves as a cure to their boredom and also promotes a lot of movement while learning about alphabets.

Days of the Week

Flashcards are an awesome way to teach anything and here’s how you can teach days of the week through flashcards.

The best part about learning through flashcards is that this learning process can take place at any time of the day. One does not need to sit their child down in some format, rather they can do it in between of a game session as a part of the game itself. It is as simple as it sounds but is a very effective tool for the memory of your child.

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