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Sinking and Floating - DIY category

A great science hands-on activity. Through this activity your child gets to think and predict which objects will float and which will sink.

KG-I Kit
Duration : 15 mins

Material Required - Containers, Spoons, Plastic Toys, Clips, Blocks

Activity Aim

  • . Observation
  • . Hand and Eye Coordination

Activity Aim

  • 1. Spread a shower curtain or a plastic table-cloth. Place a container filled with water and two trays labelled ’float’ and ’sink’. Provide your child with blocks, clips, plastic toys, spoons, keys, metal utensils, popsicle sticks, coins, stones, plastic balls, lego bricks, drinking straw.
  • 2. Let your child choose one of the objects and predict if it will sink or float.
  • 3. Ask your child to place the object in the water & observe what happens.
  • 4. Continue the activity until all the objects are placed in the water and observed if they float or sink.
  • 5. Explain why objects sink or float. Objects sink or float based on their density, by how close or apart the molecules are within the object.