DIY Activities

Move Your Body Game

This simple game incorporates lots of movement and enables you and your child to have fun while learning new words and developing gross motor skills.

Nursery Kit
Duration : 20 mins

Material Required - 2 Chart Papers, Scissors, Tape, Printable

Activity Aim

  • . Learning Action Words
  • . Gross Motor Skills Development

Activity Aim

  • 1. Draw or print out 2 templates of a cube & cut them out.
  • 2. Fold on the dotted lines to form a cube.
  • 3. Tape the edges to hold the cube together.
  • 4. Make two dice, one for the parts of the body, other for the body actions.
  • 5. Ask your child to throw the two dice in the air, read out the name of the body part and the action on the dice and ask your child to do the resulting action.
  • 6. Continue until all the body parts are named and the actions are done.

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