DIY Activities

Introducing Fruits and Vegetables

Fruit and vegetable activities help build your child's knowledge base. Here are some interesting activities that present an exciting way to learn about fruits and vegetables and also about healthy eating habits and healthy food.

Playgroup Kit
Duration : 15 mins

Material Required - ‘Fruits and Vegetables’ Books and Flashcards

Activity Aim

  • . Thinking Skills
  • . Fine Motor Development

Activity Aim

  • 1. Names of Fruits and Vegetables.
  • 2. Show your child the Fruits & Vegetables Flashcards
  • 3. Get some fresh fruits and vegetables and show them to your child.
  • 4. Show pictures from books and flashcards.
  • 5. Let your child touch, feel, taste and smell them.
  • 6. Talk about the colour, the shape, the taste, the smell, the feel and the size of the fruits and vegetables.
  • 7. Ask questions like ‘What is the colour of this fruit/vegetable, What is the shape, Is it round or long, Is it big or small?’