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Fizzy Colours- Shapes and Colours category

Do this interesting experiment with your child and you'll find your child being amazed with the result.

KG-I Kit
Duration : 20 mins

Material Required - Baking soda, Vinegar (white vinegar), 3 droppers, A plastic tray, Food colours/ Poster paints, 3 bowls.

Activity Aim

  • . Visual Discrimination
  • . Colour mixing

Activity Aim

  • 1. Sprinkle the baking soda all over the tray. Let your child shake the tray back & forth slowly to distribute the baking soda evenly.
  • 2. Take 3 bowls with a little vinegar in each of them & add red, yellow & blue colour.
  • 3. Let your child drop a few drops of red, yellow & blue vinegar on the tray with the help of droppers. He/she will be amazed to hear the fizzing sound.
  • 4. Let your child observe the results & name the resulting colours.
  • 5. Let your child have fun dropping the vinegar in the tray and observing the results.