About ClassMonitor
ClassMonitor is a home learning kit for Parents with young kids aged between 1.5 to 5.5 years. This learning kit is a one-time purchase annual kit where all the learning material needed for the entire year comes packed in a single box. The kit is an addendum to curriculum learning and is aimed at enhancing a child’s personality and making him a quick learner. The one-time subscription also includes the access to the ClassMonitor Learning Application which is a digital guide meant for parents on how, what, when and why of teaching their children at home.
We have included more than 250 activities in one single kit. These activities are divided as per age appropriate categories like-literacy, numeracy, shapes, colors, flora and fauna, fruits and vegetables human body, Community helpers, transportation, good hygiene and rhymes & stories. These kits also contain flash cards, posters, game boards, magic Augment Realty Cards and a stationary kit to keep your little one engaged.
We highly recommend buying the kit as per the age of your child. We have three variants for the same:
  1. Playgroup Learning Kit: Aimed at children between 1.5-2.5 years of age
  2. Nursery Learning Kit: Aimed at children between 2.5-3.5 years of age
  3. Senior Learning Kit: Aimed at children between 3.5-5.5 years of age
The kit has been designed to add on to curriculum based learning in a uniquely engaging fashion. It covers life skills like-Language & Cognitive Development, Logical Thinking, Sensory & motor skills, Creativity and imagination. Overall, a child using ClassMonitor Kit is likely to be more at ease in social interactions, more outspoken and confident.
Yes. These activities would need the parents to guide their children. The digital application will act as a guideline for parents in such a case. Most of the activities can be completed in less than 30 minutes. We recommend completing one activity each day to have a meaningful interaction with your child while enhancing his/her learning ability.
We have empanelled experts in early education with more than 30 years of experience in our content team. We also interact with a lot of mothers and children while developing our product to ensure that our customers end up loving our product, which almost all of them do.
No. We strongly advocate the screen free childhood philosophy. The child is supposed to use the hands-on kit, which will provide him/ her true learning. We do provide a library feature in the application, which is a selection of age-appropriate and content-rich stories & rhymes. The child can access this for the needed screen time as per his/her age category. This will also discourage the child’s exposure to any unfiltered content like other streaming platforms
At any time, two users can actively use the application with the registered mobile number.
Yes. We have an enhanced version of the learning kit, which can be used by pre-schools or teachers as a part of their learning curriculum. This contains branding collaterals, monthly schedules and training material for the staff. For more details on this, you can reach out to our Customer Care +91 62 6204 6204
Ordering ClassMonitor
We offer our learning kit at a MRP of INR 3499 only. This includes the digital subscription and the hands-on kit, which contains the entire year’s worth of learning material.
Shipping is free of cost within India. However, for orders outside India, the shipping cost is applicable on actuals.
You can buy directly through our website or you can reach out to us +91 62 6204 6204 and we would be happy to help
You will be notified by email and SMS on your registered mobile number. The digital application gets activated within 24 hours of you placing the order.
Just reach out to us +91 62 6204 6204 and we would resolve any concerns on order confirmation. You can also drop us a line at help@classmonitor.com.
We try and ship the orders within 24 hours of you placing the order. Thereafter, depending on your location your order will reach you at the earliest. We estimate a maximum of 7 days for delivery within India.