DIY Activities

Exploring A Flower - DIY

By allowing your child to dissect a single flower, you allow them to develop a true understanding of the parts of the flower and they will likely be more excited to learn this way than if they were simply reading or hearing about them.

Duration : 15 mins

Material Required - A hibiscus, Tweezers, Magnifying Glass

Activity Aim

  • . Thinking Skills
  • . Types of Flowers

Activity Aim

  • 1. Give your child a magnifying glass and a hibiscus flower.
  • 2. Let your child dissect the flower with the help of tweezers.
  • 3. Meanwhile, explain each part of the flower and its functions.
  • 4. Talk about the Stamen and the Pistil, inner parts of the flower.
  • 5. Ask your child questions related to the parts of the flower.