What are CVC Words?

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English is a universally accepted language, thanks to colonization & globalization.  

Hence, there is no confusion when it comes to teaching English in schools. The importance of the language is at an all time high. 

Hence, right from kindergarten, children should be taught the language. Many people often wonder, “what are CVC words in kindergarten?”, “How to teach CVC words to kindergarten students?”,”Is there any sequence to teach kids?”, well these questions will be answered in this blog, so let’s get started. 

  • The Head Start

The journey to English starts with learning the alphabet. Alphabet is the building block of any language, for that matter. Alphabets make words, and words are used to construct sentences. English has a total of 26 alphabets, of which 5 are vowels, and 21 are consonants. 

A, e, I, o, and u are the vowels . Consonants are the remaining letters of the alphabet. 

Alphabets are written in two ways in English, capital letters and small letters. Capital letters are used to start a word that comes at the beginning of a sentence or for proper nouns. Small letters are used everywhere else. 

Hence, students need to be taught the alphabet as well as their usage. Always remember that these are the building blocks and should be understood well. Children should also be taught how to pronounce the alphabet. There is no use of the language if it can’t be spoken.

  • Two Letter Words

Once kids understand & recognize the alphabet, they need to be taught words. However, learning is a gradual process. You can’t expect a student to learn the alphabet and then directly pronounce procrastination. There are not many two-letter words in English, yet the first step should be to teach them those words. 

The most used two-letter words are am, as, an, in, go, to, etc. Teaching these words will prepare students to make rational use of language. They will understand how combining two alphabets produces sound. Most necessarily, they understand the sounds of vowels and how to read them.

  • CVC words

CVC is an abbreviation for the terms consonant, vowel, and consonant. At first glance, it might appear like a difficult technical term, but it is not. Language is technical but not difficult. CVC words are three-letter words constructed in the order of consonant, vowel, and consonant. 

These are one of the categories of three-letter words because these words may even be written in the format of vowel, consonant, and consonant, like all, or consonant, vowel, and vowel, like bee, or consonant, consonant, and constant, like cry, or consonant, consonant, and vowel, like flu. Well, there are multiple ways to construct words; you may calculate the probability yourself in case you are interested.

If three-letter words are so diverse, what makes CVC words stand out? Why should a teacher pay maximum attention to CVC words? Are you also having the same or similar doubts? No worries, we shall solve your queries by throwing some light on the importance of CVC words in kindergarten school.

  • Simpler to Understand

CVC words are the easy ones to be understood because they follow the simplest pattern ever. Consonants are incomplete without vowels, as they need their support to be able to produce sounds. 

Hence, a consonant preceding a vowel makes it easier for students to understand how to pronounce b accompanied by an a in the word bat. Similarly, they also understand how to pronounce the vice-versa, i.e., how to pronounce a t after an a in the word.

In the case of words like flu, the student might still not be ready to understand how to pronounce two consonants together. Similarly, they can pronounce the word lie in multiple ways if they do not have a sense of basic phonetics.

  • Used For Further Learning

CVC words often come in handy when students go on to read bigger words. Say, for example, one has to pronounce the word badminton. It will be easier for a student to pronounce it by breaking it into 3 three-letter words: bad, min, and ton. If the student knows how to pronounce these three words separately, he or she will be in good shape to pronounce badminton as well.

  • Learning by Pictures

The best way to learn these words is by using pictures. Humans grasp visuals better than they grasp text. Hence, when these words are accompanied by pictures, children will be more intrigued to learn them.


CVC words are crucial to instill a basic sense of the use of language in children. Not just English but most European languages can be learned better when children start with the CVC words. Understanding the basics will excite children to construct bigger words and then sentences. 

Even if they do not know a word, they will know how to pronounce it, and it will boost their confidence. Sometimes, they may create words of their own and later get to know that even those words have meaning. This can be a good exercise as children will learn such words better because they construct them themselves.


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