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5 Tips to Raise Well-Behaved Children

We all want our children to be well- behaved. Which parent does not like hearing this – “your child is so well- behaved, how?” We need to understand that this comes from the environment we provide to our children and also how we portray ourselves in front of them. Manners are not self-fed into children. It takes quite a bit of hard work to see the result in our children’s behavior, at home as well as outside.

It sounds difficult, right? But it is surely not impossible!

1. Be a Role Model Yourself

Practice good behavior as adults yourself. Children are masters at imitating, especially something you don’t want them to catch. But, it all starts at home. If you are going to be rude even to your partner, your child is going to learn being rude is okay and acceptable. That is something you do not want. These things go unnoticed by parents and wonder where your child learned such kind of behavior. Providing appropriate behavior signs at home helps your child learn how to behave with others.

2. The Earlier the Better

Yes that’s right. As soon as you see signs of your child learning to talk, you should start to hint them about what’s right and wrong. They learn to carry forward those instructions. You don’t need to wait till they are actually talking!

3. Maintain Consistency

There is no need to make any kind of changes when it comes to your child’ds behavior, or reward giving ways. Just maintain what you keep teaching them and don’t break the habit.

4. Behavior as per the child’s age

You cannot expect your 5-year-old child to behave like a 10-year-old. Children learn new things as per their age, learn more as they grow. You will have to handle the situation accordingly. Read about expected behavior at a particular age so you can correctly handle rough situations.

5. Inbuilt various ways to respect and show good behavior

When you go out, you assume your child will greet the other person with a smile. When they don’t we resort to yelling at them. Here is where they don’t understand whats is exactly right or wrong. Instead, maybe you can remind them who the other person is, like “hey! Do you remember Ms. Amanda? Why don’t you say a kind hello?” Give your child options. Slowly they will learn to be kind and portray good manners.


Expecting young children to just learn manners is not something which is practical. It is unreasonable to a large extent. They need to be given experiences, shared thoughts and what is acceptable and so on. These things largely depend on the environment as well. Teach your children how to be well behaved by using all the opportunities possible.

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