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We all grow up from a stage of childhood to being an adult. The most common aspect of everyone’s life is those moral stories! Which we’re told to us every time we did wrong, by our parents and grandparents. These moral stories are an inseparable part of one’s life. And still, it holds the same existential value in the present modern world. The answer to where to find such stories is to teach your children with fun and excitement the true and good moral values so that they don’t commit any wrong thing in the future. These stories act as a reminder or a red alarm in our life. And I think the majority of us agree with this. Under this blog, we have listed a bunch of 11 very short moral stories! These moral stories will not only provide insights about life but also teach your kid a correct way to live their life.

Table Of Contents

  1. The Fox and the Crane
  2. The Goose with the Golden Eggs
  3. The Milkmaid and her pail
  4. The Greedy Mouse
  5. The Boy Who Cried, Wolf
  6. The Crocodile and the Monkey
  7. The Mongoose and the Snake
  8. The Three Little Pigs
  9. The Honest Wood Cutter
  10. The Flying tortoise
  11. The Lonely Puppy


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In a forest, there were two animals in the river line area. One was the fox, who was very cunning in nature and the other one was Crane. The fox one day had a night party arranged at his home and he invited the crane for a lovely dinner. Subsequently, the crane was very happy and excited to visit the fox’s house and enjoy the dinner and party. And with that excitement, she went to his house and knocked on the door. The fox warmly welcomed her and asked her to take a seat at the dining table, till then he will serve dinner. The fox went to the kitchen and brought a shallow bowl full of soup. After seeing this behavior of the fox, the crane became very angry, but she was unable to show it. She had a long break due to which it became difficult for her to sip that soup. Being agitated by this behavior, the crane left the fox’s house silently without uttering a word. And invited the fox to her house for dinner the next day. The next day, the fox went to her house and sat on the seat for dinner, the crane then served the fox oat porridge in a narrow vase. The crane could easily finish her food but it became difficult for the frog. In the end, the fox understood how wrong he was to the crane and left after a deep realization. MORAL: Greedy people dig their own graves. Related Story – 8 Benefits of Storytelling to Kids


Long back ago, there was a Poultry farmer who had a small poultry farm in a village. The farm was looked after by the farmer and his wife. One day, the farmer went to purchase a goose. He went to the town and purchased a goose and brought it home. The next day when they were feeding the animals on their farm they saw that the goose had laid an egg, and that egg was made up of gold. The couple soon became rich by selling those golden eggs of the goose to a goldsmith. The couple became greedy day by day and decided to cut the goose. Because they thought that the goose had some machine inside to produce gold. Upon cutting the goose the couple realized that there was nothing of that sort that they thought. Rather it was the same as another goose’s internal body. MORAL: Your Greed will cost you everything.


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Once upon a time, there was a milkmaid. Every day she used to visit the nearby town to sell the milk. She carried the pail on her head in which the milk was there. She had a very long desire to purchase a golden necklace and for which she collected money from all over. She balanced the pail on her head throughout the way. One day, as she was going to sell the milk with the pail on her head. She started thinking that today she will sell all the milk and the money which she will receive for today would add a perfect amount to purchase that necklace. With this thought she started daydreaming and couldn’t control herself and lifted her head, imagining herself as wearing that necklace. As soon as she lifted her head, the pail fell down and all the milk from the pail spilled on the ground. And all of sudden her dream was destroyed by dreaming before the result and she went home with bare hands and no money. MORAL: Do not count your chickens before they are hatched.


There was a mouse and he was very greedy. One day he saw a bag full of cheese, after seeing the bag, he couldn’t resist himself. He at once went to the bag and made a small hole with his small sharp teeth in the bag. After making the hole, he went inside and ate the cheese till his stomach was full. As he finished eating he saw that he was not able to come out of the bag. And after some time he saw a rabbit passing by, he called out the rabbit from the bag and told him to help him to come out of the bag. The rabbit made fun of him and said that you should wait till your belly shrinks for the next day. And he went away. The mouse was very disturbed but as his food digested, the next day again he thought that before coming out he should eat some more cheese and wait for some next passerby to ask out for help. But that day the cat was passing by and he smelled a mouse. And after smelling he reached the bag of cheese and found the mouse and ate it. MORAL: Greedy people dig their own graves.


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Once in the village, there was a boy, who was very naughty and he was in the habit of troubling others. But the villagers didn’t know about this fact. On one fine day, the boy thought of passing time so an Idea came to his mind to trouble the villagers. He was at the top of the mountainous area and from there he screamed help! help! There is a wolf helping someone, all the Villagers went there to help him thinking that he was in trouble. But when they reached there the boy started laughing at them and said you people are very foolish. The villagers scolded him and went back. The next day he again did the same thing and the villagers again went for help but the boy laughed at them again and they were very angry with the boy this time. After some days, a big wolf came to him and the boy screamed for help. This time Villagers didn’t want to help thinking the boy was lying. The boy was injured by the wolf and ran to the village. Everybody thought that once again the boy is trying to make a fool out of us. Hence, as a result, he died. MORAL – No one believes a liar.


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Once upon a time, there was a monkey, he was very clever in nature and lived in a forest near a pond. And In the pond there lived a crocodile. The crocodile was very gentle and foolish. One day the crocodile and his wife were dining together and the crocodile told his wife about his friend monkey. He told her that he used to bring juicy fruits for him. The crocodile’s wife got excited and told the crocodile to bring the heart of the monkey for her to eat. Out of love for both his wife and friend, the foolish crocodile chose the love of his wife and agreed to bring the heart of his friend monkey. The next day, he went to the monkey and as usual, the money brought gave some juicy fruits to the crocodile. The crocodile enjoyed the fruits and told the monkey to sit on his back and he took the monkey on a pond tour. The monkey agreed and went to sit on his back. While they reached a little far, the crocodile told the monkey about the conversation with his wife that to bring your heart as food for her. He also told the monkey that he loved his wife very much and he has to do what she demands. The monkey was shocked but due to his clever nature, he used a tactic and told the foolish crocodile that he forgot his heart on the tree and he needs to bring it back. The crocodile then took the monkey to the tree and thought that the monkey would take his heart and come back to the crocodile. But the monkey, very cleverly using his presence of mind, ran away leaving that forest area forever. MORAL: A wise enemy is better than a foolish friend.


In a village, there lived a farmer and his wife, who had a small infant son. When the farmer returned home one day, he encountered a mongoose and decided to keep it as a pet. His wife disliked the mongoose but reluctantly agreed to keep it. She used to keep the mongoose away from her son because she was afraid that the mongoose might harm her child. The lady went to the market one day and requested her husband to look after their son and keep the mongoose away from him. The farmer had to leave his son and mongoose alone at home since he had to go to the field for some important work. A snake came to the child and tried to harm the infant. The mongoose killed the snake and saved the child from the snake. Mongoose was sitting on the door with blood on his mouth. When the wife came home with the shopping basket she was on the mongoose in that condition and thought that it killed her son, and she attacked the mongoose and she went inside crying she saw her son sleeping on the bed. Then she understood the whole story and went back to the mongoose, but it was dead till that time. She regretted it. MORAL- Never make decisions in a hurry.


Once upon a time, there were three pigs who were brothers and they all one day decided to build their houses on the mountain top area. The pigs went to the mountaintop to build their houses. The youngest one was Jolley, who made his house with straws and finished making his house within one hour. The middle one was Solley, who made his house with sticks and completed it within one hour. The eldest one was Molley, who made his house with bricks and cement, and it took him four hours to complete his house. The eldest one, Molley made so much effort because he was aware that the cunning fox would come and try to break his house if his house was not found to be strong enough. The next day the fox destroyed the houses of Jolley and Solley, and both the brothers were frightened and ran to Molly for help. The fox now came to the house of Molley, he there tried to destroy his house, but he couldn’t as the house was strong. Therefore, the brothers understood that the hard work put in making the house by Molley saved them today. MORAL: Hard work always pays off.


Once upon a time, there was an elderly gentleman who was both innocent and diligent. He was a woodcutter by trade. He used to go to the forest to cut down trees. One day, his axe fell into the river while he was cutting a tree branch. He was unhappy and depressed since cutting down the timber was the only option he had. He was relaxing by the river’s edge. He looked everywhere for his axe but couldn’t find it. Suddenly, the Goddess of the River arrived and inquired if he needed any assistance. Everything was revealed to her by the man. The goddess had requested his assistance. She reappeared, brandishing a golden axe, and asked the man whether it was his axe, which he denied. She vanished once more and reappeared with a silver axe, which the man denied once more. Finally, they arrived with a wooden axe. Yes, it was his axe, the man said cheerfully. The goddess was so taken with him that she gave him both a golden and a silver axe, as well as a wooden one. MORAL– Honesty is the best policy.


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Once upon a time, there were two friends living in a forest. They were a monkey and a tortoise. The tortoise was very happy seeing the monkey flying from one branch of the tree to another. So one day, he asked the monkey to teach him how to fly. At first, the monkey laughed at him but he taught him how he uses his legs and flexible hands to fly over one tree to another. The tortoise practiced the steps shown by the monkey, but due to his short legs, he was not able to try even a step. And as soon as he went to the top of the tree he fell suddenly and below the place where he fell, there was a pair of banana wings that got attached to the shell of the tortoise from both sides. And the tortoise with whole excitement started to flap his newly attached wings and was able to fly now from one branch to another. MORAL: Don’t give up, until you reach the goal.


Once there lived a puppy, whose name was Angel, and from the very beginning, he had black spots as a birthmark all over his body. And due to which other puppies and dogs did not talk to angels. They thought that the dog is suffering from some kind of disease and it is better not to go to him as they would also get the same disease. One day an old cow was passing by and he asked the lonely puppy i.e. angel that why he is not playing with other dogs and puppies. Angel narrated the whole story about his black spots story. The old cow understood the problem and asked an angel to look after all the cows, till the time he went to the other dogs and told them that there is nothing a disease to the puppy as such. Till then the puppy sacrificed his sleep and looked after the cows. The old cow came back and told him that now the dogs and the puppies can play with angels. Angel was very happy to find a friend like him. MORAL: A friend in need is a friend indeed.


In today’s fast-moving world, what we often forget is the transfer of moral values to our children. The age-old tradition of blessing our children with morals usually takes place by narrating multiple stories which we know of. We tell these stories to our children and make them aware of our values that would help them to grow better. Moreover, these stories not only teach morals rather it enriches the children with insight, which would ultimately build up their thinking capacity. It makes the child ready to embark on good things and also to nurture positivity in society. At the end of the day, it’s the responsibility of the parents to carve their children into worthy shapes. Therefore, these stories are a small stepping stone to achieving that goal.

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