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How To Deal With a Child Who Always Says ‘NO’

Wondering why your child is saying no so bluntly just to wearing something as simple as a t-shirt. This can turn out the worst nightmare of a scenario at home. You raise your voice and now you have a crying and yelling toddler running around the house. You need to understand what makes them so adamant about saying no for everything. They need to erase the thought that they can’t say no everything and get away with it.

1. Understand Why

As a parent, you need to first understand why your child keeps saying No for almost everything. Mothers tend to assume that the child is being naughty, disrespectful, adamant, etc. There can be many reasons why. Once you are able to grab the major reasons for this no volcano erupting, you will be able to be at more peace. As you would have by then found a better way of tackling the situation.

2. Don’t over use the word ‘NO’

Children are very good at catching the wrong things as fast as lightning speed. The right things that parents teach always get stored in their tiny little brains at a very slow rate. So try to notice if you are saying it your self so frequently, your child is bound to say it as well. Keep an eye!

3. Limited Communication

For some reason, little ones find the NO word very easy to use for anything and everything. Young children are at the learning stage, where their own dictionary of words is expanding slowly and find ways to express themselves. No is just an easy use word they find apt for everything.4. Listen to them

The word ‘no’ is mostly connected with a child being already frustrated or angry or can be a mix of a lot of emotions. Give them some space and try to give them alternatives. This way they’ll know there is a different way out. The nos will become less, and they will learn to find alternative ways instead of a blunt no.

5. ‘No’ Won’t Last Forever

Yes, that’s right. Children go through various stages and this surely won’t last forever. It can be a tough period. But trying to work on it will surely work at some point.

No. This word is very common to hear in every household. A child would use it as a defense to everything. This results in a big mess and a lot of anger in the house. A simple example is with wanting your child to wear her dress. And she says a straight no! This becomes a task for you as there is no time.


Listening to your children and their endless “no’s” is challenging for any parent, but with a few changes, you can get your child to comply more often. Offer choices so they feel more autonomous and independent in their decisions. Show empathy to diffuse power struggles and let them know you’re on their side. Phrase the task in a way like you’re asking for help and encouraging them to contribute on their own.


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