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20+ Amazing Gifts for New Moms That They Don’t Know They Needed

20+ Amazing Gifts for New Moms That They’ll Love & Use Every Day

Motherhood is exhausting and chaotic, especially for new moms. Sleepless nights, re-establishing a routine, and adjusting to new responsibilities can all be exhausting.

Gifting is a personal and special experience. So, going the extra mile for the baby and the new mom means ensuring she is supported and looked after. We have curated a list of gifts you can give her to make her feel special.

1. Comfortable Footwear

Comfortable footwear is essential. New moms are always on the go, constantly thinking about the baby. And she can feel even more comfortable with a comfy set of slippers or crocs.

2. Pillows

A good night’s sleep is crucial, and she might not be getting much as a new mom. So, it should be restful when she gets some time to sleep. Pillows are such a great way to relax the body and the mind. A great pillow should be an instant comforter, as if you were sleeping on a cloud. You can go a step ahead and gift her a pillow that relieves neck pain.

3. Baby Carrier

The new mom is constantly working, and running errands, while the baby needs her care and attention. This is why a baby carrier is a truly fantastic product. This will ensure that her hands remain free while she juggles other essentials for the baby. The newborn also feels close to the mother. It is also excellent when there is no one to watch the baby. These are pouches that use shoulder straps and are worn in front like a mini backpack. It is made of soft materials, so she doesn’t have to worry about the baby or her feeling uncomfortable.

4. Baby Swaddle Blanket

You can also gift her a swaddle blanket, which serves various purposes, such as a play mat, multi-use cover, or burp mat. It is thin and blank to make the baby feel safe and secure, resembling the womb. The baby swaddle will comfortably tuck the baby into a sound sleep, and the mom gets some extra time to do the things she wants to.

5. Baby Memory Book

In the age of smartphones, Facebook, and Instagram, it is too easy to get carried away with posting pictures of the new baby. A baby memory book is a little traditional for keeping track of milestones. But a memory book will ensure that handwritten notes keep the most critical moments alive. And what’s more, the baby and the mother might love to read these memories years later.

6. Loungewear

A new mom only gets to do a few things and will also have little time to get everything ready. Moreover, she will dread anything uncomfortable. To make her feel special, you can gift her a cozy set that she can put on and be easy on her postpartum scars. And it’s breastfeeding-friendly, too.

7. Tote Bag for Diapers

A tote is the one gift that a mom will love. She will need it if she travels for diapers, baby essentials, spare outfits, and snacks. A diaper bag fits all these criteria. It will have pockets and spaces to keep the necessities nicely organized.

8. Skincare

She’s tired and needs some care, too. A perfect skincare gift is a scrub, bath salts, or skincare set. A gentle scrub will soothe and exfoliate away the skin’s stress. And bath salts will provide a very relaxing bathing experience, calming the body and the mind. You can gift her under-eye creams and body oils too.

9. Newborn Essentials

You can save her the trip to the store and gift her a pack of new essentials. It will include baby body wash, oil, and powder. The new mom will thank you for this.

10. Frames

Keep those memories safe. Some moments are significant, and they deserve their own space. So a family photo, a newborn’s footprints, or a photo from a favorite moment can also be stored and framed to be cherished forever.

11. Coffee Mugs

From early morning to late at night, coffee is a cure-all. And who is it better for than the new mom? However, caffeine should be eliminated since the baby depends on her, so gift her a caffeine-free coffee and a coffee mug.

12. Jewellery

You don’t need to gift extravagantly. Something small yet meaningful will do. You can gift her a necklace or a ring with a unique engraving, probably with the little one’s photo in it. It will always keep her close.

13. Postpartum Care Set

For a speedy recovery, a new mom will need a gift only meant for her. This set will include body cream, oil, vitamin E, and balms for her. It will immediately provide her with much-needed relaxation.

14. Scented Candles

Who doesn’t love scented candles? After working all day, running errands, and looking after the baby. She will need some fragrance to calm, refresh, and energize. Lightly scented candles like jasmine, lavender, and orange provide an excellent ambiance for a chaotic atmosphere.

15. A Mini Photo Printer

A photo memory is the best one. And new moms love to take pictures of their newborns. And a mini photo printer can help print out the best ones to display around the home. They are usually connected to smartphones, so it only requires buying a little stuff.

16. Play Gym

A baby play gym is essential when the mother needs to attend to other matters. The mat has toys to keep the baby entertained and takes up little space. Some play gyms also come with a mirror that will fascinate the baby.

17. Skincare Tools

A new mom is sleep-deprived most of the time. So, sleeping quickly and restfully becomes very important. Give her an eye mask so she can sleep comfortably and soundly. Another great gift item is a face massage tool; it will relieve the neck and facial muscle tension and tightness she has had all day.

18. Diapers

Anything that can help ease the burden of a new mom is highly appreciated. If she runs out of diapers in the middle of the night, this will become a savior. So, relieve that mental burden by gifting many diaper packets. Look for the ones that are gentle for the baby.

19. Baby Clothing

Babies will puke, pee, and spill whatever chance they get. And with so many chores on her plate, she will only have a little time to clean the clothes. Hence, gifting her lots of baby clothes will be helpful.

20. Nursing Pillow

A nursing pillow is a comforter that she needs. Holding the baby and nursing simultaneously can get uncomfortable and add tension to the back. A nursing pillow will support the baby and allow the mother to relax her back.

21. A Day at the Spa

A new mom requires a day off. So gift her a day of a full body massage to relieve off tensed muscles she has in her body. She will be forever grateful for this unexpected yet wonderful gift.

In The End

Remember, for the baby to relax, the mom needs to relax first. She is the one that holds everything together and cares all day for her baby, so she requires rest and cares too. Go ahead and gift her these items now.

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