10+ Best Road Trip Games That Keep Your Kids Entertained for Hours

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10+ Road Trip Games to Turn Long Drives into Fun-Filled Adventures

A road trip is a great way to spend quality time with your kids and strengthen your family bonds. You can do storytelling, play games and make memories during the journey. Car games may not be essential if the trip is just a few minutes long. On the other hand, you should provide some kind of entertainment for other long journeys in the car.

During long rides, your kids will surely get bored at some point. Moreover, they might start losing their patience. To avoid such cases we have mentioned a few games below. These will make your ride more enjoyable.

Road Trip Games to Play With Kids

Keep the boredom at bay on your next road trip with these 12 exciting games for the whole family & kids.

1. Spy Games

Surely, there is no better old car game for kids than this one. All of us have fond memories of sneaking a peek at something our siblings would never suspect.

spy games to play in a long road trip with kids

The steps for playing are as follows:

The “X” player sneakily observes something the other players can also see but won’t immediately recognize. Keep in mind that you need a line of sight for the item for some time. In this game, the player begins by stating, “I spy with my tiny eye, something that is…” before offering a tip of some kind (a color, the initial letter of a word, a general direction, etc.).

The remaining players will then offer yes/no questions until the right answer is given. The next step is for the player to use their eye and spy on something.

2. Auto Alphabet

You may get the Auto Alphabet car game rolling by having the first player look for anything that starts with the letter A. Someone else in the car is tasked with spotting an item beginning with the letter B, either via the open window or inside the car. You can play this game until every letter of the alphabet has been used.

3. Scavenger Hunt

Some forethought and preparation are required for this. You should prepare for your journey by making a list of things you will see along the way, such as a banner, animals, a motorbike, etc. Your children may keep an eye out for these things and make a list of what they find. They get a reward if they locate everything on your list.

4. Memory Test

The first person says “A is for __,” and then they may use any word that starts with “A,” like “apple,” to fill in the blank. For the letter B, the second player must think of a word and repeat the “A” word: “A is for apple, B for book.”

Now keep going through the alphabet like this, with everyone having many rounds. After you get to “Z,” the player should be able to recite the whole alphabet and the word that begins with each letter. With younger children, it’s best to use a letter other than “Z” as the last one.

5. I Packed My Suitcase

You’ll have to get your kids packed whether or not they’re old enough to do it on their own in real life. What’s more, they’re free to steal anything they desire.

Playing the memory game “I packed my suitcase” often leads to exhaustive enumerations of the contents of one’s suitcase. Each participant chooses a place for a made-up vacation and then takes turns stating “I packed my suitcase and in it is..” and repeating the items that have previously been mentioned, in the correct sequence, before adding what they would bring.

6. Supermarket Game

Pick one person randomly and ask them to name something you can get in the supermarket. The rest of the passengers take turns asking questions to try to figure out what it may be. Could you locate this in the freezer section?

7. Searching Car Colour

road trip games for kids

For some extra fun, print up a separate game card for each kid and have them mark out the colours of passing cars as they see them.

8. Would You Rather

Ask someone specific to come up with a question. For instance, if you had to choose between being the smartest person alive and the funniest person alive, which would you choose?

If you want to get everyone in the vehicle involved, you may ask them these questions and have them take turns answering. Of course, you need to be fully prepared before engaging in such activities while driving.

If you’re worried about running out of things to ask when traveling, feel free to print off some questions in advance.

9. Word Association

The game begins with the first participant uttering a completely at-random word. After one player has spoken a word, the following player must rapidly think of another word that has some connection to the first. These steps are repeated until all of the participants have participated. If a player takes too long to respond, gives a response without a clear correlation, or repeats a word, the round is over.

10. Small Toys Game

Bring up a baking sheet, some magnetic letters, and some magnetic toys, and your kids may play with the magnets or try to spell words. The firm surface of a baking sheet is perfect for youngsters to use as a dry-erase board, drawing surface, or even for racing Matchbox cars.

11. Counting Games

Choose an item or a color and have your children locate 50 examples of it. They may be on the lookout for blue things or places such as flags, churches, and even yellow automobiles. Raising the stakes to 100 things will keep them interested for even longer.

12. Finding Food Joints

As you travel through a town or city, have everyone choose a restaurant to stop at for lunch or dinner. Instruct your kids to keep an eye out for the diner they have selected. They will get a point each time they spot either the actual restaurant or a sign advertising it. At the next resting place, whoever has the most points wins. Assign each player to a different kind of eatery, such as a quick food joint, a gas station, or a sit-down restaurant.

Make the Road Trip More Fun for Your Kids

Hope these games will be helpful for your road trip in the car. Pick a few games from above to play during your road trip. Make the long journey more fun and lively for your kids to remember.

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