DIY Activities

Air Pollution Catcher

Air Pollution is an important topic. This experiment will make your child aware of the pollution in our environment. Engaging your child in this experiment allows for a wider discussion on why we need clean air..

Duration : 20 mins

Material Required - A Thermocol plate, Punching Machine, Vaseline, Thread

Activity Aim

  • . Develops Artistic Ability
  • . Gross Motor Skills Development

Activity Aim

  • 1. Ask your child to take a plate and punch two holes at one end of the plate.
  • 2. Put the thread in the hole and make a knot to hold the plate.
  • 3. Then ask your child to take Vaseline on his or her hands and rub that on one side of the plate. Make sure you put a considerable amount of Vaseline.
  • 4. Take your child to a subway where air pollution is evident.
  • 5. Ask him/her to hold the catcher for a while.
  • 6. After you return, your child will be able to see that there are dust particles present on the plate.
  • 7. Explain that these particles travel in air and pollute the air and how it affects our environment.
  • 8. Alternatively, hang the plate on a window or an open space for a day and check results.