ClassMonitor Messenger Platform is

a best-in-class technology just developed to manage your schools in best way possible. It has a communication platform for robust parent- teacher interaction. It supports feedback mechanism and allows real-time information sharing. Attendance sharing, daily email summary, events, reminders, bus tracking are some of its key features.

Make classes that student love

ClassMonitor Messenger provides tools & technology that enables educators to engage & communicate with students & parents at ease. ClassMonitor empower teachers to deliver feedback as it happens. This creates a positive impact on the student as it helps increase the parents' involvement.

Best-in-Class Communication platform for Schools

ClassMonitor Messenger is a Award winning platform created just to serve your School needs. Teachers can share quick updates & announcements to all parents at once. Parents too have an easy way to reach their child's teacher directly.

Why ClassMonitor Learning Platform?

Enroll yourself in Participative Parenting


Be a more participative parent

Know what your child is up-to in classroom. ClassMonitor keeps your informed about your child’s classroom activities and assignments. It enrolls you in participative parenting.

Keeps track of your child's progress

Don’t wait for the next PTA! Stay informed about your child’s progress by watching pictures, videos and score cards sent by the teacher.

Make classroom a fun place that children love


Motivate students to do better in class

Regular assessment of child’s performance and feedback mechanism motivates the child to do better, he feels he’s being paid attention to

Hassle free teaching

Regular updates, media sharing encourages the child to be more interested in learning, thus creating a hassle-free and conducive learning environment

Be a host to an enhanced learning environment


Increase student motivation & parent engagement

Messenger enables active interaction between parents and teachers that motivates children in classroom participation and better performance.

Instant and Secure Messaging

Be eco-friendly! Broadcast circulars and important notices without wasting paper. Also, control the information that flows around in the school.

ClassMonitor Messenger Platform


Reach out parents instantly wherever they are via ClassMonitor application.


ClassMonitor uses bank grade standard to secure all your communication.

Power up your Parenting with ClassMonitor

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