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Free Resources For Your Little Genius!

ClassMonitor brings to you an ever-growing list of curated Free Resources for your child’s cognitive and holistic development. These fun and engaging free printables, downloadable worksheets and DIY activities will help your child to build multiple skills like literacy, numeracy, decision-making and problem-solving. These worksheets and DIY activities also encourage creative thinking.

Also, our unique and tested tips are sure to strengthen your parenting skills further. We have organised the blogs to provide you with skill-building ideas, exercises and strategies to help you introduce self-discipline and basic moral values to your children.

We believe that gamification enhances the learning experiences of children by making them interactive and practical. It is one of the best ways to engage your child at home . The curriculum for these free resources, selected by our experts, is suitable for 1-8 year olds. The activities are screen-free, age-appropriate, developed for independent learning and help you and your kids spend quality time together as a family.

Get ready to have loads of fun as you and your child explore our collection of Free Printables, DIY Activities and tested Parenting tips. Kill the boredom with plenty of helpful resources covering all the areas of experiential learning and development for your child.

Dear parents, we know that scouting and scrolling for quality DIYs, After school activities and preschool worksheets is a tedious task!

We at ClassMonitor have a solution! We’ve handpicked our best worksheets for ages 1-8 years, curated by early childhood experts. These free worksheets for ukg spanning different areas of learning are seriously fun and engaging for your child. The resources are designed to offer well-scaffolded experiences that kids need as they start their learning journey. Our early learning education experts ensured that you reap maximum benefits from these resources.

You can find many more engaging materials in our Annual Learning Kit for kids which are made keeping in mind the age group and learning pace of your child. 

We haven’t stopped at free printable Hindi worksheets. We have also provided interesting DIY activities that will educate your child on a variety of interesting topics like air pollution, life cycles of ladybugs, butterflies etc, language based games and activities, art activities and other hands-on learning experience. 

If you require home learning activities for color recognition, or identifying community helpers we have it! If you want your child to recall words or enrich their vocabulary, don’t worry, consider it done.

You will find free worksheets for nursery kids which include English alphabet and number writing practice. Then there are transport sorting activities and rhyming words worksheets for kindergarten kids. All these resources ensure that children are exposed to multiple developmental areas like:

  • Literacy Skills 

  • Numeracy Skills 

  • Cognitive Skills 

  • Creative Thinking

  • Problem-solving mindset.

  • Social Emotional Skills 

There are activities that will bring out the dancer in your child and at the same time facilitate the learning of action words and body parts. What's better than a fun learning activity session? We believe the one which involves some dancing as well. 

So did we stop here? No! We also worked on some useful and practical advice based blogs for all our parents. There are moral values based stories, cursive writing tips and tricks, and even tongue twisters for you and your child to have fun learning.

You will have access to great ideas for cognitive development, social skills building, and math learning activities all in one place for your reference anytime, anywhere. Plus the gamified learning will ensure that the concepts learned are embedded deeply in your child’s mind. 

Our flagship Phonics Kit which is suitable for 3-6 years of age has captivated our budding learners very well. And our Logic Kit develops a problem solving mindset from an early age. Sample resources from these are part of this free resources set.

Our aim is to bring out the best in our children and these curated resources do exactly this. Holistic and cognitive development in our budding learners is all we wish for. 

We took the responsibility for all the grunt work that goes in the curation of these ready to use free activity worksheets for PreSchool. All the teaching resources are accompanied with detailed instructions for implementation, material needed (if any) and even time limit. So now you can focus all your efforts and energy on being with your little one in their amazing learning journey. 

You can give a head start to your child via our bestselling Playgroup Learning Kit which takes care of all the learning needs  for your child’s homeschooling

We also empathize with your endless quest for newer activities and hence keep adding newer, downloadable  and of course free resources so that maximum children can benefit from it. So without much ado, let’s make learning fun and engaging for all the kids out there!