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6 Super Easy Tips For Introducing English to Your Kid

“Это то, что ваш малыш сначала видит при изучении любого нового языка, как и мы.”

Before you question the link, PAUSE, you are on the right page. The thing is, this is what your toddler sees initially when learning any new language, much like us (plus this is the translation of the above sentence :p).

Be assured that preparing your child to excel in English is a mixed bag of easiness and difficulty.

So, if you’re wondering how to hone your kids’ language skills i.e. speaking, writing, reading & listening, you have come to the right place. You need to adopt a plan and a few of our recommended tips to make the language learning process easier. Let’s dive into the tips without any further delay.

Let your kid immerse in the language

You should start by setting up a learning environment around him.
He needs to hear English from you regularly. You should make him familiar with the English names of his surroundings, like teaching him the English name for what he ate, the colors around him, various transport vehicles, etc.

We recommend you follow the method of “Input based learning”. It includes lots of English reading and listening in their routine. This will increase their exposure to the language and thus grasping will be faster.

Amplify learning with pictures

Learning with visuals

When you introduce a bird along with a picture, he’ll remember the name for a longer time. Why so? Because we’re visual animals. Our brains learn quickly when linking visuals with words. So let the picture do the talking, especially for nouns like animals, fruits, vegetables, places, etc. Flashcards come in handy here a lot.

But what about the intangible words which cannot be visualized? Well, that takes us to the next tip.

Get new phrases into life

Do, Tell, Ask, Feel, Happy, Go, etc., are intangible verb words that are useful to form complete sentences. Learning words other than nouns will help your kid to express themselves better. To kick off this, we would suggest that you speak in short phrases to your kid like – I appreciate you or I am happy to see you! You can introduce high-frequency words to him via our word cutouts also.

You should also start having regular conversations about the daily routine of your child. It will introduce many action words like brushing, eating, sleeping, playing, dancing, etc.


Reading stories to your kids will boost early literacy skills in him, like knowing sounds, words, and language. It also works on:

  • Enhancing your kid’s imagination and curiosity
  • Creating a bond between you and your kiddo
  • Understanding the cultures around the world

We know it’s difficult to engage a child longer in an activity. Keeping this in mind, we have made phonics-based stories and activities Thus, with our Phonic kit learning is hands-on and fun for kids.

Get 250+ Phonic learning materials

Set Up The Right Environment

Your kid’s learning need not be from you all the time. You can set up the surroundings in a way that encourages learning the language. If he uses YouTube Kids, get him to watch videos in English. Getting your kid to listen to English speakers is a good way to make him comfortable with English. You can also let your kid watch English-based TV shows or cartoons, keeping the screen time in mind. In short, the goal is to improve your kid’s English comprehension & listening skills.

Alert: Do not make it tedious!

We know kids are fast learners. But they’re also very prone to boredom if involved in an activity for a longer time than their mind allows them to. To avoid this, we always recommend parents never push their children into forceful learning. Because this will not get you the desired results. Even teaching in such a way will build a negative resistance in your child’s mind, which is not something you want to happen.

But this brings us to question how to raise interest in your kid to learn English.

How to nurture the “Passion for learning”?

Learning and Fun go together

Children are more motivated to take part in fun activities. Likewise, learning a new language should also be fun & rewarding. The best way to stimulate learning comes from fun-driven activities. You can also prevent boredom by singing poems and rhyming, trying new tongue twisters, etc. when teaching English to your kid.

And guess what? Our phonic kit became the best choice for thousands of parents to speed up their kid’s reading and speaking abilities.

This is because we keep experiential learning at the center of our pedagogy. Our Phonic Kit contains.

  • Board games
  • Flashcards
  • Posters & charts
  • Story cards
  • Reusable phonetic tiles

The best part is that our kits promote a screen-free environment for kids. Here’s how our kit looks:


  • Create an environment for English reading & listening
  • Use pictures to make your kid remember nouns easily
  • Introduce commonly used verbs in your daily interactions
  • Encourage reading habits with regular reading sessions
  • Stay clear of forceful learning at all times
  • Make joyful learning a habit with the help of fun games & activities

As a parent, you have an important role to play while teaching a new language to your kid but don’t forget to enjoy this learning process. We know that learning a new language is not easy but with guidance and support, it can be a fun-filled journey. Get your kid started on a joyful learning journey with us!

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